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Kyrgyzstan Power Report

Kyrgyzstan Power Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Kyrgyzstan Power Report
Published Oct 01, 2016
48 pages — Published Oct 01, 2016
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Kyrgyzstan s power sector will remain vulnerable to shortfalls throughout our ---year forecast period as it remains focused on hydropower as its main source of electricity generation. Ageing power generating capacity combined with falling water levels have led to erratic power supply levels, which is exacerbated during the cold winter months when water gets locked up in the mountains and power demand is at its highest. ...Hydropower will still be Kyrgyzstan s primary source of electricity generation, accounting for -- of total electricity generation. Currently there is a lack of investment into other forms of electricity generation, and coupled with the delays to new hydropower capacity, Kyrgyzstan s total power generation will be hampered, barely increasing from --.-TWh in ---- to --.-TWh in ----. This commitment to hydropower was indicated by the Kyrgyzstani government s plan to build up to five new hydropower plants with USD-.-bn of Russian funding. The projects were eventually cancelled in January. This was due to deteriorating economic conditions in Russia, which resulted in Russia being unable to provide funding for the Kyrgyzstani power projects.

...The Kyrgyzstani government has indicated they will still actively seek out potential investors for the projects, with China, UAE and Japan indicating possible interest in the project. In April, the Kyrgyz Deputy Prime Minister met with the Chinese State Power Investment Corporation, which has expressed interest and stated that it would be ready to start construction on the hydropower cascade projects. ...As a result, we do not forecast the planned hydropower projects to be commissioned within our ---year forecast period. The five projects consist of three small run of the river hydropower plants, and two large hydropower projects, the largest of which being the Kambarata - hydropower plant, which would provide Kyrgyzstan with an extra -.-GW in electricity generating capacity. Combined with the Verkhne-Narynsky Cascade hydropower plant, this total would increase by over -.-GW. ...Combined with the Verkhne-Narynsky Cascade hydropower plant, this total would increase by over -.-GW.

...The Kyrgyz government has stated that the fate of the Kambarata-- and Upper Naryn hydropower plants will be decided on between October and November. There is reportedly interest from China, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Japan in constructing the hydropower projects. ...

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