Kuwait Country Risk Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Kuwait Country Risk Report

Kuwait Country Risk Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Kuwait Country Risk Report
Published Jul 23, 2015
51 pages — Published Jul 23, 2015
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Source: BMI challenges For the coming Decade Kuwait shares many of its structural political features and sources of risk with its neighbours: � Population Imbalances: Around two-thirds of the popula- tion are foreign nationals and many of these expatriates are working on short-term contracts, meaning the whole popu- lation is subject to volatility in times of economic trouble. Swings in both directions will affect house purchase and rental prices, as well as domestic demand in general. ...We think Kuwait has come too far down the democratic road for citizens to ever be satisfied with less. Under a truly democratic and representative system, the royal family would be reduced to figureheads, the top jobs would be done by people with surnames other than al-Sabah and, in the initial stages at least, policy would likely take a more left-leaning Islamist turn. This would be likely to discourage investors, but locals could vote for a more business-friendly administration over the longer term as the democracy matures. ...

...- Business Monitor International Ltd swot analysis strengths Thanks to the high standard of living enjoyed by Kuwaiti citizens, as well as strict controls on its large expatriate workforce, the risk of widespread social discontent is low. ...reduced tensions between the West and Iran will ease geopolitical risk for Kuwait, especially for offshore oil facilities. threats recurring stalemate between the opposition and the cabinet leading to major delays in approval of recent national budgets Tensions with the substantial Shi a minority could increase, particularly if the Iraqi province of Basra gains greater autonomy. Widespread instability in Iraq poses risks to Kuwait, especially when the Kuwaiti militants involved in the conflict return home. ...However, this has caused some instability in the short term � the country has seen ten cabinets and seven parliament dissolutions since ----, while a number of key reform plans have been derailed by the legislature. Chapter -: Political outlook s-t Political trend regional rank Global rank

...core Views We expect the Kuwaiti economy to perform relatively well over ---- and ----. We have retained our forecast for real GDP growth of -.- and -.- , respectively, from an estimated -.- in ----. ...We forecast average consumer price inflation in Kuwait of -.- and -.- for ---- and ---- respectively, up from -.- in ----. While we expect a slight fall in Kuwaiti food inflation over the near term on the back of lower global prices, a tight supply picture in the real estate market will fuel housing inflation over the coming quarters, a trend seen across the Gulf Cooperation Council region. Key risks to outlook As ever, given the economy s heavy dependence on oil, any further downturn in global energy prices would prove disastrous. ...

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