Kosovo and Montenegro Country Risk Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Kosovo and Montenegro Country Risk Report

Kosovo and Montenegro Country Risk Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Kosovo and Montenegro Country Risk Report
Published May 26, 2015
53 pages — Published May 26, 2015
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League of Kosovo (LDK) � will face more frequent instances of public protests organised by opposition parties in the coming quarters (see Unity Of Coalition Stronger Than Appears , Janu- ary --). Relations between the hard-line nationalist opposition party Vetevendosje (VV) and the LDK have soured considerably following the LDK s decision to break the partnership formed after general elections in June ---- and instead to form a coali- tion with the PDK. ...In addition, perceptions among the Serbian population of the ASM are similarly nega- tive, which would further dissuade the authorities in Belgrade from pushing ahead with the implementation for fear of further aggravating public discontent with Vuci s austerity measures. Despite these impediments, we eventually expect Pristina and Belgrade to make the necessary compromises � falling short of Serbia recognising Kosovo s sovereignty � in order to continue progress towards further integration within Western political and economic institutions. The political will in both capitals to pursue EU membership remains strong, while there is grow- ing awareness among the population of the benefits of further integration with the West. ...As such, we do not envision any public -- Business Monitor International Ltd www.bmiresearch.com

...Political Future Far From certain Despite serb agreement BMi vieW Kosovo s long-term political future is far from assured, with a host of structural economic inefficiencies, weak institutions and societal schisms weighing on the country s outlook through to ----. Our core scenario envisages an international stalemate developing over the ---- unilateral declaration of independence, which, in turn, leads to a broad consensus for the current peaceful status quo. ...While the lack of international recognition will certainly constrain the government s presence in international bodies such as the UN, it will not prevent Kosovo from developing deeper trade links with the broader region. Kosovo s long-term political risk profile remains among the weakest in the emerging Europe region, with its immature political institutions, endemic poverty, interethnic tensions, a lack of centralised government control and ongoing international disagreements surrounding the legality of its ---- unilateral declaration of independence (UDI) from Serbia all weighing on our outlook for the Western Balkan economy through to ----. While quasi-governmental institutions were in place before February ---- s UDI, developments since then have served to highlight the significant obstacles standing in the way of the country s path towards becoming a consolidated democratic state within Europe. ...

...BMi indices � Brief Methodology composite score The composite score is an unweighted geometric mean of the short-term political and short-term economic scores, allowing a ranking of all countries in BMI s emerging markets universe. Political risk index The political index is an indicator of political stability, seen as a pre-requisite for a stable economy and business environment. ...The factors included in the short-term score are a subset of those in the long-term score. operational risk index BMI s Operational Risk Index provides a comprehensive overview of potential risks facing investors operating in a country, as well as a cross-country regional evaluation of threats and advantages. The factors included in the short-term score are a subset of those in the long-term score. ...

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