Kosovo Telecommunications Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Kosovo Telecommunications Report 2016

Kosovo Telecommunications Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Kosovo Telecommunications Report 2016
Published Aug 20, 2016
36 pages — Published Aug 20, 2016
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BMI View: The best investment opportunities lie in the Central and Emerging Europe (CEE) region s mid- tier markets. Rising connected device penetration is matched by rising consumer spending power for premium applications and services. ...This was unexpected as, in both cases, it was minor increases to mobile ARPUs as well as modest mobile subscriber growth that lifted these countries overall scores. These are small markets with a high degree of mobile penetration; however, improving subscription mixes, favouring postpaid subscriptions and the likelihood of increased non-voice value-added service usage, means that operators are seeing improved returns on investment. Network upgrades - including converged next-generation access deployments - add further buoyancy to these countries. ...Improved ARPUs were also recorded in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. Although ARPUs remain relatively low in these countries, the increases were from a low base and therefore show these countries to be strong

...� Business Monitor International Ltd Page - year earlier and Q--- saw a further marked decline. Occasional positive growth - driven by the business sector - is seen, making it difficult to gauge growth over the five-year period through to ----. ...The broadband market is similarly underdeveloped relative to regional peers. Kosovo enjoys significantly lower broadband penetration than markets such as Montenegro and Macedonia, partly because PTK has been unable to finance large-scale network deployment, but mostly because few alternative players and services have entered the market. Their reluctance is understandable, given the lack of PCs and smartphones in the country, a dearth of locally-produced and relevant content, as well as very low consumer spending power. Industry Trends - Wireline Sector (---------) Main telephone lines in service, --- Broadband internet subscribers, --- ---- ---- ---- ----f ----f ----f ----f ----f - --- --- --- --- --- f = BMI forecast.

...The Kosovan mobile market expanded rapidly over the three years between ---- and ---- as a result of increased competition provided by alternative player IPKO Telecommunications. However, since early ----, the market plateaued around the -.-mn subscriber mark and only really kicked off again from mid-----. ...

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