Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan Autos Report 2015 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan Autos Report 2015

Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan Autos Report 2015 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan Autos Report 2015
Published Nov 22, 2014
54 pages — Published Nov 22, 2014
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BMI s outlook for the medium-term outlook for the Kazakh new car sales market remains optimistic, but growth will slow down to an average of --.- between ---------, to reach in excess of ---,--- new vehicles sold in Kazakhstan in ----. For Uzbekistan, we envisage steady growth in auto sales, slowing down towards ----. ...Economic activity has been constrained by falling global oil prices, production issues at a number of key oil fields and subdued household consumption in the wake of the February ---- devaluation of the tenge. Private consumption is to set to stay relatively stable in ---- as will demand for new purchases as Kazakhs increasingly continue to take consumer loans to finance auto purchases despite the Kazakh authorities desire to see lending growth slow dramatically. BMI expects GM Uzbekistan to retain its virtual monopoly on new car sales in that country, despite a steep decrease in exports to Russia in Q---, where total units decreased by -- y-o-y. ...Chevrolet also performed well in -M-- selling -,--- cars, in fourth place with a market share of -.-- . Daewoo saw sales slip to -,--- units, a market share decrease of -.-- and now occupies sixth place.

...Kazakh auto production looks set for strong growth over BMI s forecast period to ----. We estimate production to have grown in ---- by -.- , increasing to --.- in ----. ...We therefore maintain a bullish outlook on production growth over the long term. In June ----, Toyota Motor Corporation started the production of the complete knock-down (CKD) of the Fortuner sports utility vehicle (SUV) at Saryarka AvtoProm (SAP) s Kostanay plant in Kazakhstan. The move marks the beginning of production by the automaker in Central Asia. ...Despite not matching ---- s stellar figures, Kazakhstan s growth in sales remained one of the strongest worldwide.

...The regulatory environment across the region is inconsistent, with Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan imposing bans on right-hand-drive imports. Lack of market liberalisation in Central Asia, except Kazakhstan, is hampering investment and trade in the autos sector, fuelling a black market in used cars. ...

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