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Jordan Telecommunications Report

Jordan Telecommunications Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Jordan Telecommunications Report
Published Aug 27, 2016
52 pages — Published Aug 27, 2016
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� Business Monitor International Ltd Page -- investments, and the development of bundled and multi-play services, which would include fixed voice services. Unlike fixed voice, the fixed broadband market saw strong growth in ----, reaching an estimated -.---mn connections. ...The main driver has been mobile broadband through dongles and other data-only devices, and the development and launch of -G services will only accentuate that trend. The three mobile operators also own fixed infrastructure, either through DSL or fibre (in Zain s case), and as saturation reaches the mobile market, they may begin looking toward convergence to retain their existing customers, as bundles lower churn, to improve their revenues. Another upside risk is the anticipated completion of the National Broadband Network (NBN), which would improve access, but the numerous delays since its launch means we are sceptical the target will be met. Industry Trends - Wireline Sector --------- Main telephone lines in service, --- Broadband internet subscribers, --- ---- ---- ---- ----f ----f ----f ----f ----f - -,--- -,--- -,--- -,--- f = BMI forecast.

...Data for H--- indicate continued volatility in market growth. There are several push-pull effects that are responsible. Firstly, efforts to eliminate inactive accounts result in periodic falls in subscriber numbers. However, there are large disparities between the numbers reported by operators and those reported by the regulator, implying that many inactive accounts are yet to be dealt with. The second issue is that intense price competition and the impetus to move subscribers to -G and -G services means that more inactive accounts are being accrued every quarter. ...Faced with saturation, we anticipate operators will focus on deepening, rather than expanding, their respective subscriber bases. By deepening we mean that operators will be looking to increase usage, and eventually revenue, from their existing customer base as opposed to focusing solely on attracting new customers, as very few remain unserved or underserved.

...Jordanian operators remain fixated on low-cost prepaid services to win new subscribers. However, accelerated uptake of -G/-G services suggests there is a new focus on deepening existing customer relationships through services such as multi-play. ...

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