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Japan Tourism Report

Japan Tourism Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Japan Tourism Report
Published Aug 13, 2016
33 pages — Published Aug 13, 2016
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� Business Monitor International Ltd Page -- efforts at the national level to become increasingly attractive to tourists (for instance, increasing the number of interpreters and tour guides, or introducing volunteer tour guides), we expect that the number of tourist arrivals will continue to grow steadily in the next five years, at an average y-o-y rate of -.- between ---- and ---- to reach --.-mn by the end of the current forecast period. ...Source: National sources, BMI Over the next five years, inbound arrivals from the Asia Pacific region will be the main driver behind the overall increase, although we expect the growth in arrivals from Asia to moderate substantially from the --.- y-o-y average growth seen over the last four years. Growing numbers of arrivals from Asia will be driven by increased demand and purchasing power from improving economies (such as India and China) and Japanese domestic policy designed to encourage visitors to the country. Moreover, in the past few years Japan has been successfully carrying out a policy of relaxing or simplifying visa requirements for nationals in the region. For instance, in December ---- Japan announced that it was going to substantially relax visa requirements for visitors from India, with changes including: relaxation of multiple visas for short-term stay; extension of the period of stay for up to -- days, and of the period of

...Tourism arrivals to Japan in ---- increased by a substantial --.- to reach a record --.-mn, more than double the volume recorded in ----, the year before the ---- earthquake and tsunami caused a multi-year decline in international tourist arrivals. For ----, a slight strengthening of the yuan and declining Chinese GDP growth will make an increase in arrivals on par with growth seen in ---- unlikely. ...For ----, a slight strengthening of the yuan and declining Chinese GDP growth will make an increase in arrivals on par with growth seen in ---- unlikely. We expect arrivals to Japan to continue increasing at a healthy --.- rate in ----, led by a --.- increase from Asia, the region that comprises Japan s primary market. In the five months of ---- for which arrivals statistics have been released, arrivals have increased over ---- levels by an average of -- . ...Over the medium and longer term, we foresee that tourists will continue to visit Japan in great numbers. Some of the other regional destinations competing in the Asian tourism market have become less attractive for a variety of reasons, such as health (an outbreak of Middle East respiratory syndrome in South Korea in

...In response to the surge in tourism, the government is aiming to stimulate further development in accommodation for international tourists. Towards this aim, they have eased restrictions on hotel floor space expansion and are making loans available for the conversion of older love hotels into modern hotels for international visitors. ...The practice, called minpaku, will still be subject to the approval of local municipal authorities. We are currently forecasting total international arrivals of --.-mn by the end of the forecast period in ---- - roughly in line with the government s second announced target of --mn for ----, but well short of the newly expanded target. There is some upside risk to these forecasts, as the government has committed to a number of initiatives to expand tourism that could attract more visitors over the medium term. ...

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