Italy Water Report 2015 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Italy Water Report 2015

Italy Water Report 2015 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Italy Water Report 2015
Published May 23, 2015
54 pages — Published May 23, 2015
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BMI View: The Italian water sector remains highly fragmented and somewhat imbalanced with incoherent water management systems and inconsistent water charges. This leads to numerous inefficiencies and a lack of clarity, which results in water wastage. ...Potential government investments and the development of a more coherent system could, however, rectify some of these issues. Over the past few years, the Italian water sector has undergone a significant reorganisation in order to adhere to the rules set out in the EU Water Directive concerning the consistency of the water tariffs, and the control of water pollution. Moreover, its size and structure were also reconsidered, along with certain regulations. ...However, the fact that proceedings are now likely to ensure will, in our view, have a two-fold positive impact for the water sector as a whole. First, Italy will be forced to regulate its water pollution, particularly industrial wastewater treatment and runoff, more efficiently, although we note this is likely to have cost implications for offending industries, due to punitive fines.

...Secondly, the need for a more consistent compliance with the EU water directive standards is set to spur improvements in the water sector as a whole - which given the currently sparse project pipeline will open up new opportunities for water infrastructure companies. Furthermore, an efficiently and effectively regulated water sector provides a more attractive location for investment. ...Furthermore, an efficiently and effectively regulated water sector provides a more attractive location for investment. We believe that if the government were to offer public private partnerships this might offer an attractive alternative to total privatisation, which would appeal to water companies with the money to make the necessary investments, while still retaining enough government ownership to appease the Italian public. Moreover, economies of scale are achievable and privatised water companies can succeed. In light of this, we believe the Italian water sector still offers great potential to water management, water infrastructure and water treatment companies. In particular, we would highlight the potential for consolidation (particularly the merging of local water companies into larger water district companies).

...Hydrological and administrative boundaries do not match properly and both overlap and leave gaps, leading to inefficiency, and a poorly legislated water sector. Public protest concerning privatisation hampers efficient regulatory development and causes limited centralised water management. ...

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