Italy Tourism Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Italy Tourism Report

Italy Tourism Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Italy Tourism Report
Published Aug 06, 2016
28 pages — Published Aug 06, 2016
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Arrivals will rise by -.- in ---- to ---.-mn, down from the -.- rise we saw in ----. The majority of these arrivals will continue to come from within Europe as travellers take advantage of the weak euro or try to avoid more expensive travel outside the currency bloc. ...We believe that -.-mn UK tourists will now visit Italy in ----, a number we see rising to -.-mn by end of ----. The decline of the GBP against benchmark currencies may be a temporary phenomenon that is most likely to recover within the next few quarters but we do believe that much of the uncertainty around Brexit will not significantly deter UK tourists from going to Italy for holidays over the medium-to-long term. The continued weakness of the euro against international benchmark currencies continues to encourage non-eurozone tourists to visit Italy. ...The Qatar Tourism Authority, for example, has just opened an office in Milan in order to promote its own tourism sector. This move, along with improving and increasing air travel links between the two countries, will result in more people travelling between Italy and Qatar and

...We forecast -.- growth in international inbound visitors in ---- with an estimated --.-mn tourists expected by December --, ----. By end of ----, we expect this number to rise to over --.-mn. ...International tourism receipts in Italy are set to reach an estimated USD--.--bn, a number we see growing at --.- y-o-y on average (---------) with receipts totalling USD--.-- by ----. We continue to believe that developing tourism links with new source markets such as Middle-East and Asia-Pacific will be crucial in driving up tourism numbers as rising GDP figures, growing private final consumption levels and increasing disposable spending powers in Asia will contribute to growth in the Italian tourism industry. We have made some revisions to our UK visitors to Italy forecast this quarter to account for the Brexit- related uncertainty. ...Plans have been announced to refurbish and develop a number of disused government buildings into roadside stops for so-called slow-tourists. The old lodges, originally built as accommodation for road workers, will be renovated into hotels and shops, and leaders for the projects are currently being sourced.

...< ALACRA META ABSTRACT>BMI View: Our current forecast envisages a positive outlook for the Italian tourism sector in ---- and beyond, out towards the end of our current forecast period in ----. We believe that the Italian tourism sector as a whole is well developed and benefits from the status of Italy as a popular tourist destination. ...

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