Israel Freight Transport and Shipping Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Israel Freight Transport and Shipping Report

Israel Freight Transport and Shipping Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Israel Freight Transport and Shipping Report
Published Jun 18, 2016
46 pages — Published Jun 18, 2016
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We are anticipating the Israeli import growth to outpace the export growth over the next five years. We believe that import growth will average around -.- annually between ---- and ----. ...As such total nominal trade will post strong double digit annual growth of over - between ---- and ----. Our estimates suggest that the primary drivers propelling Israeli trade growth over the short and medium- term will emanate from a surge in multiple sectors including manufactured goods, fuels exports and imports, ores and metals and agricultural commodities. We hold a positive outlook or all of these import and export categories. ...We hold a stable macroeconomic outlook for Israel s main trading partners USA, China and Germany over the next five years. As such, it is our belief that the Israeli transportation sector is set for a strong five years

...The Israeli road haulage sector will return to positive growth in ---- following a moderate decline in ----. Growth will remain fairly sedate given the developed nature of the market but a positive outlook for private consumption on the back of slashed VAT rates will bolster the expansion. ...Growth in Israeli air freight volumes will be slow but steady over the coming years. The developed nature of the market will preclude any rapid growth, although the expanding pharmaceuticals sector and greater links with China will encourage some limited volume expansion. We project that the Israeli rail freight sector will outperform both road and air freight in terms of volume growth in ---- and over the course of our forecast period. We anticipate positive growth at the two primary seaports of Haifa and Ashdod, driven by positive real GDP growth and an improving outlook for major trade partners in the eurozone. Over the longer term, the development of two new privately operated ports alongside the existing state-run Mediterranean facilities will ensure Israel will not be relegated to feeder services in the future.

...Given that Israel is not a major trade hub, despite its strategic location between East and West, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, demand is almost solely driven by domestic macroeconomic concerns. Poor political relations with its neighbours mean that transit trade is minimal, although there was a pick-up in this in ---- when the outbreak of the Syrian Civil War meant that transiting through this country was no longer possible. ...

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