Israel Defence and Security Report 2015 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Israel Defence and Security Report 2015

Israel Defence and Security Report 2015 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Israel Defence and Security Report 2015
Published Sep 19, 2015
68 pages — Published Sep 19, 2015
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BMI View: Israel possesses one of the largest defence sectors globally, and local manufacturers export a range of items - particularly in the electronics segment - to a variety of countries across the world. Additionally, a number of these domestic manufacturers take part in international product development partnerships. ...Despite this, however, Israeli defence expenditure growth has slowed in the recent past due to budget constraints. As of late May ---- it was reported that Israel s defence budget funding was suffering severe problems, with the country s defence ministry ordering the suspension of a number of research and development projects and warning that other programmes could face major reductions or cancellations as a result of funding reductions. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been unable to agree upon a supplemental funding package with the country s Finance Ministry for ----. ...There are an estimated --- defence firms in Israel, with approximately --,--- employees working in the industry.

...The US government has pledged to boost military support to Israel and other allies in the Middle East sceptical of the nuclear agreement signed with Iran. In a letter to US Representative Jerrold Nadler on August -- ----, President Barack Obama outlined plans to extend the ---year, USD--bn military aid agreement signed with Israel in ---- for an additional decade. ...Netanyahu had halted the payments in January to protest the PA moving to join the International Criminal Court. US Vice President Joe Biden in April ---- pledged that the US will deliver new Lockheed Martin F--- fighter jets to Israel in ----, seeking to ease US-Israeli tensions amid recent strains between the American President and Israeli Prime Minister over Iran nuclear talks and Middle East diplomacy. The Israeli military killed four militants armed with explosives in an air strike in the Golan Heights in April ----, according to a spokesperson from the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). ...Egypt s state news agency reported that Hazem Khairat has been named to the position. The EU is planning to impose sanctions against Israeli banks operating in the West Bank and East

...Many of Israel s defence companies do not manufacture entire weapons platforms but concentrate on components, electronics and small arms. Multinational firms are present in the marketplace. The Israeli government continues to invest in advanced defence equipment in the face of elevated risks of attacks from Hamas and Hizbullah and the persistent threat of conflict with Iran. We expect new procurement programmes for the navy, army and air force over our forecast period to ----, as the country works to protect itself against land, sea and air strikes. ...

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