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Israel Business Forecast Report

Israel Business Forecast Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Israel Business Forecast Report
Published Dec 12, 2014
46 pages — Published Dec 12, 2014
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...Finally, Iran would likely retaliate militarily through its proxy, Hizbullah. ...Although President Barack Obama reiterated American commitment to this relationship upon coming to power, recent events have placed it under strain. The starkly different philosophies of Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu regarding the basis of peace negotiations with Palestinians were clearly evident in May ----, when Netanyahu visited the US, and in ----, when attempts by US Secretary of State John Kerry to broker a peace agreement with the Palestinians ended in failure. We do not believe that relations between the US and Israel, which have weathered many storms over the years, are irreparably damaged. ...The country scores --.-/--- for policy continuity , highlighting broad historical continuity despite significant external threats. -- Business Monitor International Ltd www political outlook

...Hamas has maintained a tight grip on power in Gaza since achiev- ing prominence there in ----. The Israeli economic blockade and several military incursions into the territory, designed to erode popular backing for Hamas, have instead had the opposite effect, boosting support for the group and its ideal of resistance . ...This could fuel support for personalities such as Naftali Bennett, the leader of right-wing part Jewish Home, who has called for a more hard-line approach to foreign and defence policy matters. A decisive victory for Israel, through the disarming of Hizbullah, the destruction of its communications network and the erosion of its support base in Lebanon, would be a major coup for any Israeli government, however this scenario is highly unlikely in our view. Iran: Former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has openly called for the destruction of Israel, and Tehran provides financial and material support to Hamas and Hizbullah. ...Iran already has several known nuclear facilities, meaning Israel would have to carry out simul- taneous attacks. Moreover, there may be other facilities whose existence is currently unknown, and an Israeli attack would leave Iran all the more determined to obtain and use nuclear -- Business Monitor International Ltd www

...Composition Of Current Government Broad coalition comprising Likud, Yisrael Beiteinu, Jewish Home, Hatnuah key figures finance minister � yair lapid (yesh atid), minister of defence � moshe ya alon (likud), economy Ministry � Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) main Political Parties (number of seats in parliament) likud: centre-right, economically liberal, hawkish on Palestinian issues. founded in ---- and currently led by Binyamin netanyahu. ...Beiteinu formed a bloc with the Likud party to compete in January ---- parliamentary elections. yesh atid: the party was founded recently by popular media personality yair lapid, and portrays itself as a centrist middle class party, trying to attract a large share of the Israeli voters that are disappointed with the current political parties. the formation supports a two-state solution, a reform to the electoral system and national or military service for all Israelis, including Haredi Jews. The Jewish Home: A new version of the National Religious Party Mafdal, Habayit HaYehudi (Jew- ish Home) is a right wing party focused on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. ...

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