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Indonesia Renewables Report

Indonesia Renewables Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Indonesia Renewables Report
Published Aug 06, 2016
36 pages — Published Aug 06, 2016
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Indonesia s renewables sector continues to be a regional outperformer in terms of its growth prospects and attractiveness to investors - highlighted by its above-average Risk/Reward Index score. Risks such as land acquisition issues, grid infrastructure bottlenecks, restricted access to capital and construction costs present a significant barrier to project realisation and will delay the timely progression of projects in the pipeline. This view is supported by our Key Projects Database (KPD), which highlights the major renewables projects across the various stages of development in Indonesia. According to our KPD (as of July ----), there is currently around -.-GW of renewables capacity in the project pipeline, but we note that the majority of this capacity it either in the planning stage or under construction - with only a very small amount completed . Indonesia s power and renewables competitive landscape will remain dominated by domestic firms, notably PLN over the coming years, as the state-utility drives Indonesia s ambitious power sector expansion. We note that both Japan and China play an important role in Indonesia s power and renewables sector, accounting for -- and -- respectively in terms of market share of the projects listed in our KPD. The heightening competition between Chinese and Japanese companies for contract opportunities across the Asia region is clearly evidenced in Indonesia s power sector, with China capitalising on Indonesia s expanding coal-power sector, and Japan maintaining its monopoly in the geothermal segment.

...In July, it was announced that Enel Green Power in association with the Indonesian geothermal developer PT Optima Nusantara Energi have secured the right to develop a --MW Way Ratai geothermal power project in Lampung province. The two companies secured the exploration and development licence for the project after participating in a tender initiated by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in December ----. The project is slated to be completed in ---- and power generated will be sold to PLN under a ---year contract. In April, Singapore-based ocean-current turbine maker Atlantis Resources and UK-based marine, subsea and renewable energy developer SBS INTL signed a MoU to establish a JV to develop a ---MW commercial-scale tidal power plant in Indonesia. The multi-phase project is estimated to cost about USD---mn. ...The -.-km bridge will be built across Larantuka Strait to provide a crossing between Flores Island and Adonara Island. The bridge will be equipped with built-in turbines that will help generate up to --MW of electricity per hour from the ocean tides.

...Favourable Geographic Conditions: Indonesia has significant geothermal and solar energy potential. The country is estimated to have about --GW of geothermal resources and --GW of solar energy potential. ...

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