Indonesia Freight Transport and Shipping Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Indonesia Freight Transport and Shipping Report

Indonesia Freight Transport and Shipping Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Indonesia Freight Transport and Shipping Report
Published Aug 27, 2016
46 pages — Published Aug 27, 2016
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Indonesia will speed up negotiations on the Indonesia-European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) with the aim of having an agreement with the EU in effect within two years. Negotiations have been ongoing since ---- but following talks at the ---- Davos summit in January, efforts to accelerate the pace of negotiations have been redoubled. ...Indonesia s trade outlook is significantly bolstered by the variety of trade agreements the country is presently in the process of concluding. Indonesia and Australia are in the process of signing the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement that would allow both countries to improve mutual trade relations. Furthermore, Indonesia and Malaysia have committed towards doubling their bilateral trade value from USD--.-bn in ---- to over USD--bn in the coming years. ...In ----, we are expecting nominal import contraction of -.-- to a value of USD---.-bn and nominal export growth of -.-- to a value of USD---.-bn. Total trade value in ---- will amount to an estimated

...Looking beyond the course of our current forecast to ----, we are optimistic in regards Indonesia s trade and economic growth outlook. We believe that trade prospects in the country will be bolstered by rising incomes, growing discretionary spending powers and improved macroeconomic conditions in the country. We believe that Indonesia will continue to post strong real GDP growth beyond ----, with average annual growth beyond ---- remaining above the - mark. Furthermore, annual nominal final private consumption growth will hover around the-- y-o-y threshold as annual GDP per capita is set to exceed IDR---.-mn by end of ----, up from IDR--.-mn in ----. As a measure of economic growth, we highlight that nominal Indonesian GDP for Indonesia, denominated in US dollars, is estimated at USD---.-bn in ----. ...The Chinese economy in particular has been rebalancing, with its annual growth rate beginning to moderate. In the five years to ----, Chinese economic growth averaged -.- , a rate which we predict will fall to -.- by ----.

...Indonesia s trade agreements with Australia, Malaysia and the European Union are all positive signs suggesting that the country s bourgeoning import and export sector is poised to grow significantly over the medium and long term out to ---- and beyond. Imports will be driven by a strong rise in domestic consumption and growing purchasing power of individuals and households. ...

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