Hungary Real Estate Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Hungary Real Estate Report 2016

Hungary Real Estate Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Hungary Real Estate Report 2016
Published Nov 14, 2015
60 pages — Published Nov 14, 2015
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BMI View: A positive economic outlook will support the real estate sector in Hungary over the medium term. Demand for high quality space should remain high, particularly in the office and industrial sectors. ...The dominant industries present in the city are healthcare, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Gyor is a city whose economic growth is largely driven by industrial sectors with strong connections to Slovakia and Austria and serves as an important industrial and commercial centre in the north-west of the country. The office market should benefit from a strengthening economy and demand for space is likely to be supported by rising employment and higher growth in the output of the service sector. ...This is in addition to a tax of up to - on retail activities, and a rule that will revoke a trading licence if there are two consecutive years of trading losses. Despite demand coming under pressure, the retail real estate market on the whole should remain relatively stable because construction

...� Business Monitor International Ltd Page - activity is non-existent at present. No new schemes have been delivered to the market this year and although three shopping centres are in the pipeline which could potentially come on the market in the coming years, there are no definite dates of delivery for these. ...Major investment from Asia will provide support for these infrastructure links over the next -- years, with projects such as the Silk Road aimed at connecting Budapest with Belgrade further enhancing the prospects for exports. Demand for warehouse units is currently stable, but a favourable economic environment over the next five years, rising trade levels as well as higher business investment supported by increased levels of bank lending, should facilitate stronger take-up levels and drive up rental values. The real estate investment market has been witnessing rising interest. ...A lack of investment grade product, in light of the slim development pipeline, will remain a constraint on investment levels going forward. We expect Budapest to remain the main city in terms of foreign investor demand.

...Recent constitutional amendments, criticised by international organisations and opposition parties as undemocratic could erode Hungary s judicial independence. Fidesz has been unwilling to tow the EU line with regards to Russia in the aftermath of the Ukrainian crisis, creating tensions with more hawkish neighbours in Central Europe and the Baltics. ...

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