Hungary Food and Drink Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Hungary Food and Drink Report

Hungary Food and Drink Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Hungary Food and Drink Report
Published Jun 11, 2016
93 pages — Published Jun 11, 2016
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Household spending will be supported by rising employment, relatively strong real wage growth and lower debt servicing costs. As a percent of GDP, private consumption bottomed at --.- in ---- and will head gradually higher in the coming years, acting as the largest contributor to headline GDP growth rates. After averaging a -.- percentage point (pp) subtraction from growth from ---------, we forecast an average contribution of -.-pp over the next five years. Hungarian consumer prices have exited deflation, and growth in the consumer price index (CPI) has accelerated more rapidly in recent months than was expected by the Hungarian National Bank or consensus opinion. With nominal wage growth appearing to turn a corner and even core prices now accelerating, the deflationary threat has subsided and the adoption of a more cautious stance is warranted. ...Over the long run, likely policies - including a reduction in corporate and personal income tax rates - should serve to improve labour force participation and drive healthy domestic consumption growth. Indeed, we believe the country s chronically low employment rate, which has hovered at around --.- since ----,

...BMI View: Rising real wages will drive good growth in Hungary s food, drink and mass grocery retail sectors over ----. We expect consumers to trade-up price points over our forecast period up to ---- as they realise gains from a tight labour market. ...We do note that a weak demographic profile will limit growth opportunities beyond our forecast period. Food and Drink Spending (---------) Food, sales, HUFmn Non-alcoholic drinks, sales, HUFmn ---- ---- ---- ----f ----f ----f ----f ----f - -,---,--- -,---,--- -,---,--- -,---,--- f = BMI forecast. The food and drink sectors will benefit from premiumisation trends that will drive value growth throughout our forecast period. ...Food and Drink Spending (---------) Food, sales, HUFmn Non-alcoholic drinks, sales, HUFmn ---- ---- ---- ----f ----f ----f ----f ----f - -,---,--- -,---,--- -,---,--- -,---,--- f = BMI forecast.

...� Business Monitor International Ltd Page -- should rise steadily over our forecast period. This is one of the factors we have taken into account to justify our forecast for household expenditure growth to average a decent -.- annually from ---- to ----. ...

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TitleStarting PageNumber of Pages
BMI Industry View72
SWOT Analysis93
Business Environment Ratings1218
  BMI s Core Global Industry Views129
  CEE Food &Drink Risk/Reward Ratings215
  Hungary s Food &Drink Business Environment Ratings261
  Macroeconomic Outlook273
Industry Forecast Scenario3032
  Consumer Outlook304
    Food Consumption341
    Canned Food381
    Snack And Other Processed Foods433
    Alcoholic Drinks502
    Soft Drinks524
    Hot Drinks562
  Mass Grocery Retail593
  Key Industry Trends And Developments621
    Confectionery Sales Volumes Decline621
    Foreign Players Remain Interested In Local Manufacturing621
    Meat Processor Hoping for State Financing Lifeline631
    Capacity Expansion Continues Despite Challenging Environment631
    Strengthening Demand For Organic Foods641
    Milk Consumption Increasing641
  Market Overview651
    Food Consumption651
    Food Production661
    Leading Players671
    Canned And Processed Food681
    Frozen Food691
    Organic Farming702
  Key Industry Trends And Developments721
    Coca Cola Increases Local Production Capacity721
    Vertical Consolidation In Soft Drinks Market721
    Mineral Water Producer Looking To Increase Exports721
    Capsule Coffee Machines Making Headway Into Hungary731
     Fat Tax Stimulates Innovation In Soft Drinks731
    Hungarian Wine Industry Attracting Interest732
  Market Overview751
    Alcoholic Drinks751
    Leading Breweries761
    Soft Drinks802
    Hot Drinks822
Mass Grocery Retail849
  Key Industry Trends And Developments841
    Food Retail Sale Values And Volumes Up In H112841
    Online Shopping to Expand in Hungary841
    MGR Consolidation Continues851
    Retail Chains Deal With Crisis Tax, Ban On Large Store Openings861
    Tesco Expanding Emerging Europe Foothold861
    Retailers Fined Over Unfair Business Practices861
  Market Overview871
    Leading Retailers885
Competitive Landscape934
Company Monitor9722
  Mass Grocery Retail1118
Demographic Outlook1194
Risk/Reward Ratings Methodology1233
BMI Food &Drink Industry Glossary1262
  Food &Drink1261
  Mass Grocery Retail1262
BMI Food &Drink Forecasting &Sourcing1282
  How We Generate Our Industry Forecasts1282

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