Hong Kong Water Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Hong Kong Water Report 2016

Hong Kong Water Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Hong Kong Water Report 2016
Published Nov 21, 2015
37 pages — Published Nov 21, 2015
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Although Hong Kong has little in the way of domestic water resources, the city state benefits from strong water infrastructure - a selling point for investors. At present, however, there are limited new projects in the pipeline and many that are in progress are nearing completion. Under the Total Water Management Strategy, Hong Kong s Water Supplies Department (WSD) is hoping to contain the country s freshwater consumption while also tapping into alternative sources of water for daily use. We expect the city-state to become increasingly self sufficient with regards to water supplies over the next two decades, as it seeks to shift away from the current reliance on Chinese water sources, and move towards reclaimed wastewater production and desalination. Over the longer term, therefore, we expect the country s water production mix to alter substantially, as river and reservoir water shares drop significantly. ...Over the longer term we view these arrangements as the most attractive means for the private sector to become involved in Hong Kong s water sector. In the late ----s and early ----s, there were attempts to partially privatise water supply services; however, this was strongly opposed by the public out of fear that it would

...Hong Kong has limited natural water resources and is largely reliant on rain water and imported river water from China. The volumes of water imported vary from year to year, however, the fee remains the same. ...Over the longer run, we expect that although volumes remain high, the overall percentage of water produced coming from Guangdong imports will decline. Hong Kong is currently heavily reliant on the Guangdong imports for the majority of its freshwater consumption, with desalination being largely reserved for flushing, and water recycling resources predominantly being allocated to industrial users. Imported waters from China can account for as much as -- of all water consumption in the city state, with a limit set on the volume of imported waters, of around -.--bn cubic metres a year for the period of ---------. ...Table: Water Production ---- ---- ---- ----e ----f ----f ----f ----f Total water production, mn cubic metres -,---.- -,---.- -,---.- -,---.- -,---.- -,---.- -,---.- -,---.- Total water production, y-o-y -.- -.- --.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- Total water production, litres per person/day ---.- ---.- ---.- ---.- ---.- ---.- ---.- ---.-

...BMI View: Hong Kong is a reasonably attractive market, with customers concentrated in a densely populated area that is well served by existing water infrastructure. Mains domestic consumers represent the larger user base. ...

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