Hong Kong Real Estate Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Hong Kong Real Estate Report 2016

Hong Kong Real Estate Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Hong Kong Real Estate Report 2016
Published Oct 17, 2015
68 pages — Published Oct 17, 2015
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BMI View: The office sector continues to offer the most promise regarding rentals, as Grade A establishments remain in high demand and lack of available space is pushing upward trend. Industrial real estate also represents a potential area for investment as the limited space, good demand and inauguration of national looks to offer opportunities in the mid-term. We opine that Retail will witness further contractions and advise vigilance when considering this market over the same period. We have revised our economic forecast for growth in Hong Kong with real GDP to remain steady at -.- over ----, no change from ----, as the regional pressures, predominantly stemming from fiscal reforms and corrections in China, Hong Kong s largest trade partner, weigh-in on demand into the Asian Tiger economy. A main culprit that has subdued interest is the strong national currency. ...Although, international retailers presence here should remain solid, given that Hong Kong s reputation as a global retail destination and greater levels of private consumption will support the furtherance of such establishments.

...� Business Monitor International Ltd Page - regionally and higher spending figures bode well for the retail real estate in the mid-term, as we believe the strong economic fundamentals will positively impact demand for space in malls and department stores, where the larger proportion of retail demand is likely to be focused. We therefore expect to see retail rentals rise post----- once the market has cooled and levels of regional tourism increase, but remain stagnant in the short-term as anti-mainland sentiment in Hong Kong persists. ...Subsequently, we have witnessed a drop in developer confidence as a result. But the current supply market is limited, and industry players opine that the market could witness a marginal rise in rentals in the mid-term amid good demand from the rapidly growing e-commerce industry in Asia, driving the nations online retail and effectively increasing demand for warehouse space and logistics parks. Overall, potential for capital gains rests mainly in the office sub-sector, as rentals are expected to continue an upward trend owing to good demand and a lack of grade A space in the market. New supply will emerge in both office and industrial with a few projects reaching the market early-----, although good demand and strong economic fundamentals should sustain rental trends in both sectors. We opine that retail will continue to contract owing to the Occupy Central movement, slowdown in sales and lower consumption, which may result in more vacancies over ---- and see rentals drop further.

...Lower spending by Chinese tourists will have a detrimental impact on the retail sector and slow leasing activity in the real estate market The slowdown in the Chinese economy over the medium term will inevitably impact on trade. This in turn will curb the level of take-up for storage space Available area for development in commercial real estate is limited due to the dense array of establishments and lack of required land. ...

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