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Hong Kong Country Risk Report

Hong Kong Country Risk Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Hong Kong Country Risk Report
Published Jul 23, 2015
49 pages — Published Jul 23, 2015
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Business Environment the two parties, and the protests had almost entirely died out by the end of ----. In ----, a blueprint for elections that would include three Beijing-vetted candidates to be elected via universal suffrage in ---- was defeated by the pan-democrats, and the impasse between the parties is likely to continue. ...The public made its displeasure known as early as October ----, when members of pan-democratic parties and other citizens marched to Government House to express their discon- tent at the rising cost of property, which has vastly outstripped the rise in real incomes. Former legislator Kwok Ka-ki, one of the organisers of the rally, accused the government of failing to respond to the needs of low- and medium-income families wanting to own property, stating that if the government keeps ignoring this problem, it s like a bomb that will explode one day . Similarly, the high level of income inequality is a significant risk facing the Hong Kong political system. ...

...Office of the SAR s Central People s Government, appealed for pro-democracy protests to remain peaceful. The central government warned that it could resort to sending troops to the SAR if demonstrations get out of hand. The remarks came after thousands of protesters clashed with police as they took to the streets on New Year s Day to call for universal suffrage and the release of jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo. The city s hopes for universal suffrage were dealt a blow as the Communist Party s top local representative said in September ---- that any system of universal suffrage will still have to con- form with the city s Basic Law, meaning that an open nomination of candidates would not be accepted. This essentially means that Beijing would still be able to heavily influence the outcome of the election of Hong Kong s Chief Executive. ...Despite the relatively large-sale and enduring nature of the protests, little to no progress was made in terms of compromise between -- Business Monitor International Ltd www.bmiresearch.com hong kong Q- ---- outperforming Most of the region

...Short-Term Political Risk residents the right to universal suffrage has been a major bone of contention for the Hong Kong population and is likely to dominate the political arena over the coming years. Currently, the chief executive is elected by a -,----member election com- mittee consisting of members elected from respective sectors and appointed by the central Chinese government. ...The passage of the government-backed legislative reform pack- age on June -- ----, following a compromise deal between the chief executive and pro-democracy politicians, made the legislature marginally more democratic. While the proposal to increase the election committee that elects the chief executive from --- to -,--- in ---- remained unchanged, the govern- ment amended the package to allow all -- new legislative seats to be directly decided by voters (its original plan was for -- voter-elected and -- selected). We see this result as a positive for Hong Kong s long-term political risk climate despite the lingering potential for a flare-up in political risk in the near term. ...

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