Global Nickel Metals Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Global Nickel Metals Report

Global Nickel Metals Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Global Nickel Metals Report
Published Oct 01, 2016
79 pages — Published Oct 01, 2016
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Global refined nickel production will slow on the back of banned ore exports from Indonesia, low prices and government led consolidation in China. Globally, ex-China, most major nickel producing countries including Russia, Japan, Australia and Canada will experience stagnant or falling growth rates during ---------. ...Russia s nickel sector will continue to be dominated by domestic players, namely Norilsk Nickel, with no significant new entrants. Australia s nickel sector will post only modest growth in output amounting to an average of -.- over --------- compared to -.- over --------- due to our expectations for prices to remain weak as well as rising costs of production in Australia. That said, we remain relatively optimistic on refined nickel production over the long term, given the ongoing development and planned expansion of several key nickel projects. ...Since the country consumes little of its refined production, we expect it will remain a net exporter of the metal. Brazilian miner Vale will remain the largest producer of both nickel ore and refined nickel in Canada, accounting for about -- of the country s ore output and nearly -- of its refined output.

...Global demand will slow, with average annual growth coming in at -.- during ---------, compared to -.- during ---------. China will remain the largest consumer of refined nickel in the world over our forecast period to ----. ...This is mainly due to the availability of cheaper nickel pig iron from Indonesian smelters. Additionally, slowing growth in fixed-asset investment will drag down demand for steel products, and by extension, refined nickel given its use in stainless steel production. Chinese steelmakers will increasingly diversify their operations into non-steel businesses in a bid to arrest the collapse in profit margins over recent years. ...Nevertheless, Japanese refined metal consumption will see minimal growth in the coming years on account of weakening economic fundamentals. Overall, relatively faster growth in consumption than production will deepen the deficit in

...Refined nickel prices will remain elevated on a three-month horizon, trading in the USD-,------,---/ tonne range. This is because of the fear that ore supplies from the Philippines will be severely constrained as mine audits on the basis of environmental regulations is currently ongoing in the country, and will conclude by the end of August ----. ...

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