Ghana Country Risk Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Ghana Country Risk Report

Ghana Country Risk Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Ghana Country Risk Report
Published May 26, 2015
37 pages — Published May 26, 2015
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The opposition New Patriotic Party garnered a large share of the vote in the Ashanti region, while the ruling National Democratic Congress saw strong support in the Volta region and the north. We need only look to the example of Kenya in early ---- to see how incendiary such divisions can be. ...The nation already has strong links with Europe, and a number of emerg- ing markets � notably China and India � are keen to strengthen bilateral ties. While the situation is relatively benign at present, there is a risk of a backlash against rising foreign involvement in the economy, especially if it is perceived that foreigners are benefiting disproportionately from Ghana s resources. scenarios For Political change As mentioned above, the major challenge that the authorities face over the coming years is the responsible management of oil revenues. ...

...Ghana would emulate Norway in the management of its oil revenues. The funds would be managed with transparency and accountability, giving little opportunity for corrupt officials to siphon off some of the money. ...This money can theoretically be used for a fiscal stimulus in times of economic difficulty and/or distributed among different regions in order to reduce inequalities. In a best-case scenario, the ordinary (non-excess) oil money would be channelled into areas of the economy with high productive potential, such as infrastructure and information & communication technology, thereby boosting the income and economic wellbeing of the populace. The Resource Curse Sets In: As mentioned previously, oil revenues can turn out to be a curse rather than a blessing. ...

...Ghana has been suffering from a power crisis for two years now, and this has worsened in recent months, thanks in part to low water levels at the Akosombo Hydroelectric Dam. Load shedding was introduced in February ----, with ---hour blackouts followed by -- hours of supply � vastly increasing the cost of doing business (see On The Ground: Power Shortages Raising Political Tem- perature , February -). ...Big businesses and industries are also suffering and threatening to lay off workers Mahama said. The NPP s president, Nana Akufo-Addo, came a close second to President Mahama at the last presidential elections in ----, garnering --.- of the vote to Mahama s --.- , and he looks set to be strong competition for Mahama at the next polls, despite the current president s advantages of incumbency. Akufo-Adda recently travelled to Nigeria to meet the newly elected Presi- dent Muhammadu Buhari, who himself defeated an incumbent president earlier in the year. ...

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