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Finland Autos Report

Finland Autos Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Finland Autos Report
Published Aug 06, 2016
34 pages — Published Aug 06, 2016
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� Business Monitor International Ltd Page -- and aggregate external demand is being weakened by the deteriorating state of the Russian economy, a major trading partner. Domestically, the situation remains highly challenging. ...This could lead to a slight fall in new vehicle sales in ----. The Finnish economy continues to struggle with the loss of its key export industries (telecommunications and forestry), which has significantly weakened the country s export market share and fixed investment flows over the last five years. Structural issues abound, too: although Finland scores highly on competitiveness indices, labour costs are quite high. ...(+-.- ) than for passenger cars over the --------- period. One long-term threat to Finnish new car sales could come from Helsinki s plans to transform the capital s public transport system into what has been described by the UK s Guardian newspaper in July ---- as a mobility on demand system by ----.

...This quarter, we have made another slight upwards revision to our already bullish Finnish new vehicle sales forecasts in ----. We are now targeting --.- growth (up from -.- previously). ...The car tax cuts are going to be implemented over a four-year period, which means they will continue to support Finnish new vehicle sales over the medium term. The move to cut taxes by a larger amount for lower-emitting vehicles also means that there will be a shift towards smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles on the part of Finnish consumers, as well as a welcome reduction in the age of Finland s national automobile fleet, which is one of the oldest in the EU (--.- years, according to an October ---- report by Bloomberg). Cars with emissions of over ---g/km will not receive any tax cuts. As well as the Brexit decision, there remain several clouds on the Finnish economic horizon, which may act as a brake to new car sales over the medium term. We are estimating GDP growth of just -.- in ----, as the Finnish economy struggles with cyclical and structural headwinds, which may now be exacerbated by

...Vehicle tax cuts and attractive auto financing rates continue to provide clear impetus to Finnish new vehicle sales at the present time. Sales growth has been strong across all segments across H---, boding well for double-digit sales growth for the year as a whole. ...

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