Estonia Food and Drink Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Estonia Food and Drink Report 2016

Estonia Food and Drink Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Estonia Food and Drink Report 2016
Published Oct 31, 2015
111 pages — Published Oct 31, 2015
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HKScan Drops Major Production Investment Plans For Rakvere: Rakvere brand owner HKScan announced on - August ---- that it was dropping its planned investment of EUR--mn into a new production facility in Rakvere, Estonia. The plans were to involve building a new --,--- square metre production facility alongside its existing plant in Rakvere. The new plant was to be equipped with advanced technology designed to deliver value-added products for growing product segments. However, a strategic review led the company to conclude that it should instead focus efforts on improving operational efficiency and increasing production capacity across of its existing units. Saku Brewery Announces New Products And Export Markets: Saku Brewery reported in August ---- that it had added South Korea, China and Italy to its list of export markets. ...Saku is keen to continue developing its export market to ensure growth against a contracting Estonian market. ---- also saw the brewery introduce a new alcohol-free light beer called Saku

...April ---- that it had acquired Paulig Group s food ingredients division for an undisclosed sum. Although the food ingredients division is headquartered in Helsinki and has sales/R&D offices in Sweden and Norway, its production centre is based in Estonia. The product range extends to -,--- different items that are distributed throughout the Baltic States, Nordic countries and eastern Russia. Maxima Sees Highest Growth In Estonia: Maxima Group reported in February ---- that of its Baltic state operations, the highest growth in turnover was reported by Maxima Eesti. Estonian activity saw turnover increase by -.- year-on-year to reach EUR---mn. The company has continued expanding its large XX format stores and expects to open its second Maxima XXX in Tallinn during ----. At the time of writing, its new EUR--mn logistics centre was on target for completion by the end of ----.

...Growing incomes will drive consumption of premium products and encourage consumers to try out new products. Increased demand for healthier beverages, such as ice tea and mineral water, is expected. ...

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