Czech Republic Telecommunications Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Czech Republic Telecommunications Report

Czech Republic Telecommunications Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Czech Republic Telecommunications Report
Published Jul 23, 2016
58 pages — Published Jul 23, 2016
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The Czech mobile market has been characterised by low subscriber and revenue growth of late, confirming our view that the market is saturated. We forecast low overall growth through to ----, where the number of connections will reach --.---mn. ...The first concerns the structural separation of O- into service and infrastructure companies, the latter called CETIN. The availability of affordable wholesale services could lead to proliferation of new players in the market, driving further growth, but we believe that should new operators offer services in the country, they are more likely to cannibalise the customer bases of current operators as opposed to attracting new users. The second upside risk concerns LTE, and its use as a strong alternative to fixed broadband technology, especially for T-Mobile and Vodafone. ...It is also unclear how they will account for these subscribers in their reports. The final risk concerns machine-to-machine (M-M) as operators look to diversify their

...T-Mobile has already launched specific M-M services regarding safety and the proliferation of such plans could lead to higher mobile growth in the Czech Republic. ...Thus, we expect ARPU to decline slowly until ----, when it will reach CZK---.-. The risks we highlighted concerning subscription growth may also impact ARPU, diluting it in the cases of competition and M-M and improving it in the case of LTE as a broadband alternative. There is also another upside risk to our forecast and that relates to the high uptake of -G and -G LTE services. ...These technological undertakings will cushion the fall of ARPUs and could keep them steady.

...Mobile market is mature and highly saturated, but the premium non-voice services segment is under- developed. ARPUs remain low despite increasing volumes of non-voice traffic. ...ARPUs remain low despite increasing volumes of non-voice traffic. Wireline broadband forecast to see nominal growth as uptake of cable and fibre connections offsets declines in xDSL. Mobile broadband market will shrink as customers move to voice-and-data plans. ...

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