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Croatia Insurance Report

Croatia Insurance Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Croatia Insurance Report
Published Aug 20, 2016
68 pages — Published Aug 20, 2016
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� Business Monitor International Ltd Page -- forecast that life premiums will generally grow by --- annually over the forecast period, in local currency terms. In ----, total life premiums are forecast to amount to USD---mn, up from USD---mn in ----. ...Instead, insurers will find the market remains hampered by the large proportion of households, around -- , which fall below the poverty line, excluding a large share of the population from participating in life insurance. On a positive note, average household incomes are forecast to rise over the forecast period, partly because of Croatia s recent accession into the EU, which will encourage trade with other member nations and improve shared knowledge and skills, creating new employment opportunities. As a result, we estimate the percentage of total households falling into the middle-income bracket of USD--,----plus is set to rise to around -- . We also expect an increase in the number of households earning above USD-,---, with the total percentage to rise to around -- . As the number of households in these income brackets increases, the affordability of life products will improve.

...Croatia s life insurance sector is the weaker of the two insurance markets that we monitor in the country and, despite a relatively steady level of premiums growth over the forecast period, we see little to challenge this view in the short term. At present, life insurance premiums represent about --.- of total underwriting activity in Croatia. ...Life premiums are expected to grow slightly faster than non-life premiums towards ----, resulting in total life underwriting to occupy --.- of Croatia s total insurance market by ----. Although slower, growth in the life sector will be driven by the expansion of the retirement-age population which, as in other countries, is an important market for life insurance and other savings and investment products. The expansion of the -- + age-group reflects steady rises in life expectancy and should provide opportunities for life insurers, including multinationals, to introduce new retirement products. However, the industry faces a number of long-term challenges. Low income levels and a lack of disposable household income will continue to limit growth and will remain an obstacle for potential investors and new entrants.

...Many of the leading players in Croatia s life segment are using advantages such as financial strength, regional scale, brand, innovation/product know-how and multi-channel distribution. Overall, however, the structural challenges facing the segment mean that premium growth will be slow in the short term. ...

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