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Croatia Country Risk Report

Croatia Country Risk Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Croatia Country Risk Report
Published Jul 23, 2015
49 pages — Published Jul 23, 2015
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While we expect Croatia s long-term political risk profile to continue improving following its accession to the EU, we caution that further pro- gress and reforms are needed for the country to realise its full potential. We highlight the key challenges that could threaten stability in Croatia over the next -- years and outline three possible long-term scenarios for the country. ...A giant swastika appeared on the pitch during a football match against Italy in ----, with vandals spraying the symbol with a chemical that became visible only when the floodlights were turned on. The ongoing criminal proceedings at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), with which coopera- tion has been a key demand of the European Commission, has sparked national uproar against what many in Croatia see as a government betrayal in handing over national heroes to be tried for war crimes. In our view, though necessary for improving -- Business Monitor International Ltd ...In our view, though necessary for improving -- Business Monitor International Ltd

...Source: BMI competitiveness issues, that will hinder long-term economic growth; and lingering ethnic nationalism, which will persist amongst segments of the population. Debt sustainability will remain a lingering threat to Croatia s nascent economic recovery over the coming years. The imposi- tion of the EU s Excessive Deficit Procedure (EDP) in ---- has contributed to some success controlling government expenditure in recent quarters (see chart below). However, as the election ap- proaches, a lack of appetite for more extensive fiscal consolidation, a growing public debt load (-- of GDP) and persistently weak government revenue collection will probably force the govern- ment to seek some form of aid deal with the IMF at some stage. Such a deal could be needed to plug funding gaps if borrow- ing costs rise further over the coming months (see chart right). ...A Nazi swastika was etched onto the football pitch during a Croatian football - Business Monitor International Ltd political outlook HDZ Leads Kukuriku Coalition in the Polls voting Intentions,

...While progress continues to be made, Croatia remains institutionally weak, with judicial reform a necessity. Although some progress has been made combating corruption in the years leading up to Croatia s EU accession, we believe the quality of political processes in Croatia will remain poor for some time to come. ...

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