Cote d`Ivoire Tourism Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Cote d`Ivoire Tourism Report

Cote d`Ivoire Tourism Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Cote d`Ivoire Tourism Report
Published Oct 15, 2016
27 pages — Published Oct 15, 2016
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� Business Monitor International Ltd Page -- marketing campaigns in neighbouring countries) are the main drivers behind this. Europe is the second major source market, with about --.- of total arrivals or ---,--- visitors arriving in ----. ...These source markets are certainly expected to see growth throughout the forecast period, albeit at a lesser pace than African arrivals. Cote d Ivoire s source markets are diverse, ranging from the long-standing traditional visitors from French- speaking European countries such as France and Belgium, to countries further afield such as the US. Naturally, neighbouring countries such as Ghana and Burkina Faso constitute a large proportion of arrivals for the purpose of visiting family and friends and business trips. There is much room for investment and expansion in Cote d Ivoire s tourism industry, particularly in eco-tourism and adventure activities. ...Table: Inbound Tourism (Cote d`Ivoire ---------) ---- ----e ----f ----f ----f ----f ----f Total arrivals, --- ---.-- ---.-- ---.-- ---.-- ---.-- ---.-- ---.-- Total arrivals, ---, y-o-y --.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- e/f = BMI estimate/forecast.

...Cote d Ivoire s tourism industry offers potential visitors a wide range of attractions, from lagoons to cathedrals, along with a growing arts and culture sector. ---- was a successful year for the country, with a rise of -.- in inbound arrivals to reach ---,---. Arrivals in ---- are expected to grow further, albeit at a much slower pace due to the March ---- terror attack that is expected to deter tourists, especially those from Europe. The government is however determined to not let this incident affect the growth of the industry and has established cohesive approaches to marketing and infrastructure development to take advantage of what the country has to offer to tourists. We forecast arrivals increasing by -.- in ---- to reach ---,---. ...The growth from ---- onwards will not be as robust as that of the previous years due to the terror and security threats that are facing Cote d Ivoire and the wider West African region.

...The long-term outlook for Cote d Ivoire s tourism sector is bright, as inbound arrivals are set to grow, reaching ---,--- in ----, representing --.- growth on the ---- level. The country s source markets are relatively diversified, which prevents Cote d Ivoire from being over-reliant on a single region. ...

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