Colombia Country Risk Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Colombia Country Risk Report

Colombia Country Risk Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Colombia Country Risk Report
Published Jul 23, 2015
59 pages — Published Jul 23, 2015
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Source: BMI in efforts to de-escalate the conflict, raising the spectre of a col- lapse of the peace talks. President Juan Manuel Santos restarted air strikes on the FARC on April -- after the insurgent group attacked an army platoon the day before, killing -- soldiers. ...This return to violence has encouraged us to revise down the security and external threat subcomponent of our Short-Term Political Risk Index, knocking the overall score from --.- to --.-. A return to armed conflict between the two groups presents three interrelated challenges to the success of a peace deal: � First, it creates increased distrust between the two parties at the peace talks in Havana, making it harder to engage in the give-and-take necessary in successful negotiations. With some of the most controversial agenda items still under discussion, including transitional justice , a high level of trust makes hard compromises more palatable. ...Orito-San miguel and Orito-Churuyaca pipelines in Putumayo Province targeted. Source: Local and international news sources, BMI santos slide Continues

...Source: April Ipsos survey of -,--- individuals; -.- margin of error. defence minister, Juan Carlos Pinzon, with the more moderate Luis Carlos Villegas. ...With both sides having invested a high level of political capital in making this deal work, and the government poised to see important long-term economic benefits from the end of conflict, we believe the two sides will remain eager to press ahead with negotiations. long-term Political outlook many structural Challenges ahead bmi VieW While Colombia s long-term political outlook is set to remain relatively stable compared with its neighbours, we identify several massive politi- cal challenges for the government over the next decade and highlight three scenarios for change. Colombia s long-term political outlook is set to remain stable over the next decade. ...On the other hand, a score of just --.- in the characteristics of society subcomponent illustrates the country s societal polarisation, which has contributed to an ideological divide in the domestic and external political spheres. Over the coming years, we expect inequality, drug trafficking and left-wing insurgents to be the main drivers of long-term political risks facing the country.

...Key Regional Player: In this scenario, which in our view is the most likely, Colombia would strengthen diplomatic ties with its South American neighbours while maintaining strong relations with the US. Not only would the economy be able to benefit from much-needed diversification in trade partners, but the region could coordinate anti-drug operations and try to better deal with the problem of drug cultivation and trafficking, rather than just moving it from country to country. ...

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