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China Renewables Report

China Renewables Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
China Renewables Report
Published Sep 24, 2016
56 pages — Published Sep 24, 2016
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Our long-held view that China will dominate the global renewables space in terms of the size of the market, rate of expansion and the government s ongoing commitment to the sector over the coming decade continues to play out. The government s strong support for renewable energy is the primary factor underpinning our bullish forecasts for China s non-hydro renewables capacity over the coming decade. The support stems from the government s desire to reduce coal use in the power mix, in order to curb carbon emissions and tackle the growing domestic pollution problem. Frequent target revisions for renewable capacity, local government- mandated regulations and wide-ranging financial incentives on offer to renewables developers are just some of the key support mechanisms adopted in China to help drive growth in the renewables sector. China s --th Five-Year Plan aligns with stronger rhetoric on environmental policy over the past year and reiterates the government s commitment to reducing coal use and boosting alternative fuels in the power mix. ...We expect non-hydro renewables capacity to grow by an annual average of -.- between ---- and ----, resulting in an installed renewables capacity base of over ---GW by ----. This will contribute roughly -- to the country s total power capacity mix in ----.

...In August Sinohydro Corporation s subsidiary Sinohydro Renewable Energy issued a tender for an EPC contract to develop a --MW wind park off the coast of Tianjin. Sinohydro said the contract will involve work from October -- to November -- ----. ...The project, executed under the Top Runner programme launched by China s National Energy Administration, uses Yingli s TwinMAX -- Cell bi-facial series modules. Chinese company Trina Solar and Hong Kong-based clean energy solutions provider Asia Clean Capital entered a cooperation agreement in July to jointly develop more than ---MW of solar capacity in China over the next three years. The partners will focus on industrial rooftop arrays, as well as other undisclosed opportunities. ...The partners will focus on industrial rooftop arrays, as well as other undisclosed opportunities. In July, EDF purchased a -- majority stake in Hong-Kong based developer UPC Asia Wind Management via its renewables arm EDF Energies Nouvelles, helping the French company increase its exposure to China s rapidly expanding wind market.

...Despite this surge in capacity, curtailment and grid issues remain a key bottleneck to China s renewables expansion. It was reported by the National Energy Administration that roughly -- of wind power capacity was idled during ----, resulting in idled wind generation to increase by -- when compared to the previous year; highlighting the ongoing limitations of the grid infrastructure. ...

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