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China Mining Report

China Mining Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
China Mining Report
Published Aug 06, 2016
107 pages — Published Aug 06, 2016
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While cooling Chinese economic growth will adversely impact mining operations, we expect the impact to vary across different mineral segments. Tin will do best while coal and iron ore will perform worst. China s structural shortfall in domestic production combined with the government s desire for resource security will continue to spur overseas mining deals. Although China s reliance on imports will increase due to the country s depleting reserves, falling ore grades and the relatively short life span of mines, outbound investment will face more caution, as Chinese projects are increasingly faced with rising costs and project delays. As a result, Chinese firms ---- mining merger and acquisition activity (M&A) in Latin America slowed to USD-.-bn, a --.- y-o-y decrease from ----. ...This would represent a significant slow-down compared to average annual growth of -.- during ---------. Lead mine production in China will reach -.- million tonnes (mnt) in ----.

...Mining industry will remain generally shut off from the international community. This limits foreign investment in the mining sector. Significant government regulation of domestic mining activities. The government is enforcing stricter environmental regulation on domestic mining activities, in a bid to curb pollution. Stricter regulation will raise mining costs for miners operating in China. ...China s hunt for mining assets overseas will remain challenging as a result of project delays and cost overruns. Significant project delays are common due to the lack of operation expertise with regards to local environmental and mining regulations.

...Despite our significant downbeat forecast on lead production growth, we expect China to remain the largest lead producer for the coming years, accounting for an estimated --.- of global lead production in ----. We forecast Chinese tin production to reach ---.- thousand tonnes per annum by ----, increasing at an average rate of -.- per annum during ---------, compared to --.- in the previous five years. ...

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