Chile Water Report 2015 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Chile Water Report 2015

Chile Water Report 2015 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Chile Water Report 2015
Published Jun 06, 2015
53 pages — Published Jun 06, 2015
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BMI View: We view Chile as one of the most attractive markets in the region both for water infrastructure companies and, following the announcement of the potential sale of a key water utility, for water service companies. However, we highlight that risks remain for industrial consumers, who will continue to face high costs for the construction of water supply and treatment facilities. ...This could inhibit the mining sector, but should aid the provision of water for domestic users and small farmers. The large amounts of investment being pumped into modernising and expanding the water distribution, sanitation, wastewater treatment and reclamation, and desalination facilities offer a number of opportunities for potential investors and makes the Chilean water sector one of the most active and exciting in the world. These funds come not only from governments and international funding bodies, but also from mining companies desperate to find any means of providing the much-needed water resources required to extract and produce the various minerals in Chile. The Chilean water sector is one of the best in the region with regards to structure and regulation, and is held up as a template for its peers to follow in Latin America and in Europe. However, the country s privatised water sector is highly fragmented and suffers from water stress and a number of exceptionally arid desert regions, as well as water pollution issues.

...In ----, we forecast total water production to reach -,---mn cubic meters. ...However, as desalination capacity continues to rise, we expect that the volume of surface water will outstrip that from ground sources. Total mains water consumption will reach -,---mn cubic meters. ...Although this will decline, it will still account for a hefty -- of produced water by the end of our forecast period. Meanwhile -,---mn cubic meters of wastewater will be collected in sewage networks over ----, and -- of this will receive some form of treatment.

...Water shortages and rationing in many of Chile s cities. Water scarcity in many desert regions and the expansion of the deserts. Water pollution is a problem in many areas, particularly industrial water pollution. A booming population which, in conjunction with the agricultural demand and huge mining water requirements, is putting an increasing strain on the water sector. Water consumption massively outstrips renewable freshwater rates. ...

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