Chile Defence and Security Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Chile Defence and Security Report 2016

Chile Defence and Security Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Chile Defence and Security Report 2016
Published Nov 14, 2015
39 pages — Published Nov 14, 2015
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BMI View: Chile s domestic defence sector remains small in a global context. Local defence companies are capable of manufacturing a range of equipment - including small arms and ammunitions, electronics, radars and armoured vehicles - though their ability to develop more technologically advanced items remains limited at present. ...In ----, we expect the country s defence budget to increase by -.- , reaching a total of USD-.--bn. Although defence spending may be somewhat restricted over the next five years by the reduction in government revenue resulting from declining global copper prices, the government has stated that its budget for military procurement will have a floor level of -- of previous targets, ensuring that funding for new equipment will be available. Chile s domestic defence sector remains small, with only a few local companies present. Domestic manufacturers are able to produce a wide, but not technologically advanced, range of military products; such as small arms and ammunitions, anti-aircraft systems, electronics, radars, aircraft and naval units, armoured vehicles, artillery, ballistic rocket systems, aerial bombs and infantry support weapons. Newly developed items include the SLM FAMAE Multiple Launch System (produced by Chile-based DESA in cooperation with foreign partner IMI and manufactured locally by FAMAE); the T--- Pillan basic training aircraft (developed by local enterprise ENAER) and components for the CN---- and CN---- tactical military transport aircraft produced by CASA and IPTN and commercialised by Airbus.

...In June ----, the Chilean government and ASMAR reached an agreement on the construction of a new Icebreaker Ship, named Antartica I. Work will start in ----, and will substitute the Oscar Viel vessel that is currently operating in the Antarctic. The Chilean navy has signed a USD--.-mn agreement to acquire seven coastal patrol aircraft from Vulcanair. ...ENAER and Alenia have formed a joint venture focused on the construction of training aircraft. The two companies have signed an agreement covering collaboration on the logistical support for the C---J Spartan medium transport aircraft and the M---- HET high efficiency basic-advanced training aircraft. In October ----, Chile launched two DART -G Systems to sea. ...In September ----, the Colombian company COCTEMAR and Chilean SISDEF signed an agreement for the development of a new naval tactic system called LinkCo.

...BMI View: Chile s military budget is the third largest in the Latin American region. We expect spending to rise at an annual rate of approximately - over our forecast period to ----. ...

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