Chile Autos Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Chile Autos Report 2016

Chile Autos Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Chile Autos Report 2016
Published Nov 07, 2015
34 pages — Published Nov 07, 2015
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Sales of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles were down by --.- y-o-y, at ---,--- units. Bus sales were down by --.- y-o-y, at -,--- units, with heavy commercial vehicle sales representing the only bright spot, where sales were up by -.- y-o-y, at -,--- units. ...BMI s Country Risk team believes that investment into Chile s retail and manufacturing sectors will support the country s real GDP growth prospects over the coming years as output in non-copper industries ramps up. Indeed, while domestic industries have long been uncompetitive with foreign peers due to Chile s overvalued real exchange rate, Chilean firms profit margins have been increasingly bolstered by lower oil prices as well as a weaker peso, which has made imports more expensive and reduced operational costs in the country. Declines in industrial output will also end in the coming months as a weaker peso will boost cost competitiveness and import costs stabilise given copper prices likely finding a bottom, allowing firms to purchase necessary foreign capital goods to expand production. ...First, and similar to other markets in Latin America and globally, consumers will continue to upsize their vehicles by moving more towards larger vehicles such as sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and pick-ups. This reflects a growing regional consumer trend towards larger passenger car and light commercial vehicle

...After another challenging year in ----, where we expect new vehicle sales to have fallen by around -- y-o-y, BMI thinks the stage may be set for a modest recovery in Chilean new vehicle sales in ----. We are currently targeting - growth for the sector in ----, with commercial vehicles set to outperform passenger cars. ...We are currently targeting - growth for the sector in ----, with commercial vehicles set to outperform passenger cars. The September ---- launch of a made-in-Chile electric car (the Soki) could see an increase in public take-up of electric vehicle (EV) technology, particularly within major urban centres, although its relatively high price tag (USD--,---) may prove a stumbling block. The introduction of more flexible rules on origin (RoO) requirements in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement should benefit Chilean suppliers, notably Renault s gearbox manufacturing operations in country. ...For ----, we are forecasting a - rise in sales, to just under the ---,--- unit mark. Looking at the most recent sales trends over ---- as this report was being compiled, -M-- new vehicle sales figures stood at ---,--- units, down by --.- on the ---,--- units sold during -M--, according to figures from Chile s national automotive association (ANAC).

...Passenger car and light commercial vehicle sales have fallen sharply across ----, against a sluggish macroeconomic backdrop. Looking forward, there is scope for a slight recovery in auto sales (+- ) across ----, as the economy regains some strength. ...

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