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Canada Renewables Report

Canada Renewables Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Canada Renewables Report
Published Oct 01, 2016
53 pages — Published Oct 01, 2016
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...Further reforms to the project licensing processes, and the transport sector as part of the -------- Transportation Electrification Plan have also been announced. ...Also in November ----, SaskPower - the public utility that is the dominant power generator in Saskatchewan - announced that it will increase the share of renewables in its portfolio from -- to -- by ----. As part of the company s investments in non-hydro renewables, such as wind, geothermal and biofuels, SaskPower is planning to procure --MW of solar power in ---- via the organisation of capacity auctions Wind Power remains strongest Of the non-hydro renewable sources, wind power continues to be the frontrunner in the Canadian renewables industry in terms of sector size, and is estimated to contribute about -- to the total non- hydroelectric renewables capacity in ---- and ----. This share is bound to slightly increase to over -- in ----, as solar power only slowly picks up. ...Although one of the main drivers of wind power in Canada, Ontario, is seeing growth slowing as the province approaches to reach its set targets, new growth impetus is expected to come from Alberta and Saskatchewan.

...� Business Monitor International Ltd Page - of Saskatchewan (CAD--mn, up from zero), Manitoba (--- increase) and Atlantic Canada (-- increase), clean energy spending decreased in all provinces, representing an almost CAD-bn drop since ----. The country is therefore slowly losing ground among its peers, including the US. ...These averages are have improved slightly over previous expectations due to an improved project pipeline and several developments on the province level that represent further upside risks; for example through Alberta s planned first renewable auction for Q---. We view the recent commitments made by the provinces of Quebec, Alberta and Saskatchewan - under which they plan to reduce carbon in their electricity sector by boosting power generation from renewables - as the biggest upside to our current forecasts for Canada s non-hydro renewables power, and particularly solar. In June ----, the government of Quebec presented its ---- Energy Policy paper that overcomes the lack of renewable energy and emission targets beyond ----. ...Simultaneously, energy efficiency is to be improved by -- , bioenergy production increased by -- , and the elimination of thermal coal (unless the GHG emitted are sequestered by means of proven technology). To achieve these goals, the government intends to establish a new agency devoted to energy conservation and the energy transition with the objective to coordinate the implementation of energy efficiency, substation and innovation programs, by for example funding

...The Canadian electricity market continues to be dominated by hydrocarbons (about --.- ) and hydropower (about -- ) as the main sources for electricity generation, with non-hydroelectric renewables falling behind significantly. As renewable targets and policies are decided on the provincial level, disparities among regions exist. ...As renewable targets and policies are decided on the provincial level, disparities among regions exist. Increasingly, however, provincial governments are pushing for a greater renewable share; with the oil hubs of Alberta and Saskatchewan being the latest to seek significant emission reduction and renewable expansion over the coming years. Quebec also presents its new ---- Energy Policy, aiming at the complete phase-out of coal and a -- increase in the share of renewable energies in total energy production, policies are moving into the right direction so far in ----. ...

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