Cambodia and Laos Telecommunications Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Cambodia and Laos Telecommunications Report

Cambodia and Laos Telecommunications Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Cambodia and Laos Telecommunications Report
Published Sep 24, 2016
91 pages — Published Sep 24, 2016
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Organic growth in the mobile market will be limited as signs of market maturity are becoming evident in recent quarters. Latest data suggests that the mobile market ended Q- ---- with a total of --.---mn, representing a penetration rate of ---.- . We anticipate mobile subscribers to grow to only --.---mn by end of ----. The mobile sector is overwhelmingly prepaid in nature and operators are finding it hard to wean consumers off low-value services. The launch of -G services was undermined by price competition driven by an excess of operators and sub-brands. ...Limited progress has been made with regard to xDSL upgrades of copper access networks. WiMAX and cellular broadband technologies are driving the broadband market, which will have --,--- subscribers by ----.

...BMI View: We have made some forecast revisions to Myanmar this quarter as the growth in H--- outpaced our initial expectations. Furthermore, Viettel has reportedly been chosen by the government as the foreign partner for Myanmar s fourth and final mobile operator, to be licensed by end-----. ...However, the new operator s challenges include the slowing organic mobile subscriber growth, ongoing price competition and corporate governance. Meanwhile Cambodia s mobile market has experienced significant growth in the last few years, but the momentum has come at the cost of one of the lowest ARPU levels in the Asia Pacific region. The lack of growth opportunities, coupled with intense price competition and a crowded market, has seen prominent companies exit the market. In Laos, low-value prepaid mobile services predominate, and customers have little incentive to upgrade to higher-value products. This makes it difficult for operators to generate a meaningful return on investment in networks and spectrum.

...Although mobile services in Myanmar are being extended to rural parts of the country, the emphasis is on prepaid services and this is putting downward pressure on ARPUs. The replacement of -G networks with -G/-G platforms will be the main development trend through to ---- and beyond. ...

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