Brazil Water Report 2015 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Brazil Water Report 2015

Brazil Water Report 2015 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Brazil Water Report 2015
Published May 16, 2015
55 pages — Published May 16, 2015
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BMI View: We have updated and expanded our Brazil water forecasts, including those for non-mains, and agricultural consumption, water losses and wastewater treatment methods. Overall, we believe the pressures stemming from the ongoing drought, in conjunction with rising industrial and agricultural water demand, will stimulate heavy investment into water reuse, wastewater treatment facilities and the expansion and improvement of the distribution and collection networks. ...While geographic idiosyncrasies are to blame to a large extent, divisions between federal, state and municipal levels of government, rapid growth in the industrial sector and the difficulty of supplying water to the poor in rural areas are major challenges. Water and sanitation have become increasingly prominent in Brazil s federal, state and municipal agendas owing to higher demand for sanitation services, better perception of the importance of good sanitation to public health and the growing predominance of sanitation on the environmental and political agenda. Brazil s Ministry of Cities earmarked a ---- budget of BRL-.-bn (USD-.--bn) for water and sanitation works to be conducted through the national unemployment insurance fund FGTS. ...Estimates from the National Water Agency suggest Brazil needs to invest at least USD--bn by ---- to guarantee water supplies and sewage treatment to its rapidly expanding major cities. The cost of reducing its water loss rate by -- , in order to approach wastage levels in developed countries, will require investment of BRL--.-bn

...Freshwater is one of Brazil s most plentiful resources, with the country holding about -- of global supply. Many Brazilian states provide a good proportion of treated, piped water, with only five states performing under the -- threshold. Access to improved sanitation has improved greatly. There has been significant government-driven investment into every aspect of the water sector and the country has one of the largest project pipelines in the region. The country has established a new water management plan. ...The country has established a new water management plan. A growing number of states have signed the plan, resulting in a more coherent and nationally regulated water sector.

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