Brazil Petrochemicals Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Brazil Petrochemicals Report

Brazil Petrochemicals Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Brazil Petrochemicals Report
Published Jul 23, 2016
74 pages — Published Jul 23, 2016
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BMI View: Cheaper oil has lowered the cost of naphtha, Braskem s main raw material, thereby improving competitiveness. However, the Brazilian petrochemicals industry still endured one of the worst years in two decades in ---- due to the domestic economic recession. ...In terms of end markets, the domestic market will contract. We remain bearish on the country s vehicle production outlook in ---- as domestic sales prospects remain weak and worker dissatisfaction over working hours, pay and lay-offs leads to further industrial disputes and production cutbacks. As a major petrochemicals consumer, through the use of polymers and rubber in fittings and trimmings, the industry s decline is a major loss for the petrochemicals market. ...In March ----, it was said the project would be completed in ----, -- years after construction began. � Brazil remains in third place in our Americas Risk/Reward Index ranking, but its score has fallen -.- points this quarter due to the deteriorating market position, putting it at level with Mexico.

...The nation plans to tap offshore gas to increase feedstock availability. Petrobras aims to increase local naphtha production. ...Petrobras aims to increase local naphtha production. Reductions in polyethylene (PE) import tariffs will provide opportunities for exporters to Brazil as well as cost reductions for domestic converters, although this could be at the expense of domestic PE producers market share. Industry leaders are hoping that recently announced stimulus measures will allow companies to operate at a higher capacity, as well as boosting competitiveness. These measures include lower earnings taxes, with a plan for their gradual removal between ---- and ----. Ethanol mills are emerging as an alternative feedstock for polymers production and are receiving low-cost credit.

...Lacks feedstock integration and relies on significant quantities of imported naphtha. Complex ownership structure causes delays in decision-making, especially for expanding production or initiating technological innovations. ...

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