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Brazil Country Risk Report

Brazil Country Risk Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Brazil Country Risk Report
Published Jul 23, 2015
57 pages — Published Jul 23, 2015
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Source: BMI ture already, a few initiatives are still under discussion, such as the elimination of several corporate tax breaks. Given the unpopular nature of the reforms, as well as the strained rela- tionship between the PT and major coalition partner Partido do Movimento Democratico Brasileiro (PMDB), we expect the legislature will remain uncooperative in the months ahead. ...rousseff an impeachment target Given the strained relationship between the executive and legislative branches, as well as the president s severely weak- ened governing mandate, Rousseff will remain a target of impeachment attempts in the months ahead. Our core view is that Rousseff will see out the duration of her second term given a lack of clear evidence of wrongdoing on her part during her tenure as the chair of Petrobras board, or indications from the judiciary that it is planning to open an investigation into her dealings. However, impeachment remains a salient risk to our view. ...Given the corruption scandal, as well as the enactment of economic policies that are highly - Business Monitor International Ltd political outlook approval rating at all-time lows

...An uncooperative legislature, combined with the fall-out from an ongoing corruption scandal at Brazil s state-owned oil company, will pose persistent headwinds for President Dilma Rousseff in the coming months. These factors will hinder policy formation and ensure that social in stability persists, weighing on business confidence and economic growth. ...We forecast Brazilian real GDP to contract by -.- in ---- before growing by just -.- in ----. austerity the Priority Rousseff s fiscal adjustment programme, aimed at reducing spending and increasing revenue in a bid to shore up Brazil s fiscal accounts, will remain the government s primary focus in the coming months (see New Economic Team To Reverse Fiscal Deterioration , January --). While her administration has pushed the majority of the measures through the legisla- - Business Monitor International Ltd Brazil Q- ---- Political oVerVieW System of Government Parliamentary democracy, universal suffrage: ----seat Chamber of Deputies (four-year term).

...Lower operating costs and a more investor-friendly busi- ness environment will be key to ensuring that Brazil remains an attractive destination for foreign investment in light of slower domestic growth. ...A widening corruption scandal at national oil company Petrobras, which looks set to be the largest in the country s history, is forcing Rousseff to address the issue. Moreover, a significant increase in public concerns about corruption, as well as widespread un- rest regarding a lack of government transparency suggest that this will remain a major issue for Brazil in the coming years (see Petrobras Scandal Will Erode Rousseff s Governing Man- date , March --). Indeed, polling data from Datafolha shows that the percentage of respondents naming corruption as one of the government s principal problems rose to --.- in February ----, from just -.- in March ----. ...

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