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Belgium Autos Report

Belgium Autos Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Belgium Autos Report
Published Aug 06, 2016
35 pages — Published Aug 06, 2016
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Belgium has historically been a significant production hub for the European market. However, falling car sales across Europe, coupled with the availability of cheaper production sites in Eastern Europe, mean that both General Motors and Ford have closed down their Belgium production facilities in recent years. ...In April ----, Volvo Car Corporation, the premium subsidiary of Chinese automaker Geely Automobile, announced that it will begin manufacturing the next generation of its small cars at its plant in Ghent. The new family of small cars will be based on the company s newly-developed small-car platform known as the C-Segment Modular Architecture (CMA) and will most likely include the new generation of the company s V-- model, as well as a new compact crossover, dubbed as the XC--, and a replacement for the S-- compact sedan. The CMA architecture was jointly developed with Geely Automobile and will also underpin a number of Geely compact models slated for release from ----. ...The transfer of V-- production will also allow Belgian employees of Volvo an initial opportunity to produce a plug-in hybrid model, as the V-- offers this powertrain option. The move to increase hybrid production comes as part of Volvo s long-term aim to generate -- of its sales from plug-in hybrids and

...Belgian new vehicle sales have got off to a strong start in ----, rising by -.- y-o-y across H---. However, the downside risks to the European economy posed by the June -- decision by the UK to leave the European Union mean that we retain a slightly more cautious view on the full-year picture. ...We believe that real GDP growth is set to average just -.- to ----, according to our forecasts. That said, fragile eurozone recovery (which may yet be derailed by the impact of Brexit) and stronger levels of private consumption should allow fixed investment to grow moderately in the years ahead. This could increase the amount of money that Belgian businesses will spend on fleet renewal, lending a supportive backdrop to CV sales. ...We are targeting stronger growth in PC sales (+--.- )

...Ultra-low interest rates and high levels of pent-up demand remain key drivers of the Belgian auto sector. � Brexit represents an intangible downside risk to our current auto sector forecasts. ...

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