Bangladesh Business Forecast Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Bangladesh Business Forecast Report

Bangladesh Business Forecast Report - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Bangladesh Business Forecast Report
Published Dec 12, 2014
36 pages — Published Dec 12, 2014
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Improving supply-side conditions and tight monetary policy by Bangladesh Bank (BB) underpin our view that inflation will continue on its slow decline towards the central bank s FY----/-- (July-June) objective of -.- from -.- in October. We also maintain our forecast that the central bank will keep interest rates on hold at -.-- for H-FY----/--, in an attempt to achieve its inflation objective. ...Until this happens, GDP per capita � while on an upward trajectory � will remain relatively low. taBle: lonG-term macroeconomic forecasts -- chapter -: operational risk -- operational risk -- operational risk -- taBle: oPerational risk -- transport -- taBle: asia � transPort network risk -- economic openness -- taBle: asia � economic oPenness risk -- taBle: toP - trade Partners Product imPorts (usdmn), --------- -- taBle: asia � toP - trade Partners Product exPorts (usdmn), --------- -- chapter -: BMi global assumptions -- global outlook -- Warning signs growing taBle: GloBal -- taBle: develoPed states, real GdP GrowtH, -- taBle: Bmi versus BloomBerG consensus real GdP GrowtH forecasts, -- taBle: emerGinG markets, real GdP GrowtH, -- - Business Monitor International Ltd www Bangladesh Q- ---- core Views Bangladesh will continue to be vulnerable to any political turmoil, owing to its high propensity for street protests. the extreme animosity between political parties, particularly between the ruling centrist- liberal Bangladesh Awami League and the conservative Bangladesh nationalist Party, pose risks to the country s political stability. unexpected resurgence of unrest would disrupt the country s key garment sector and deter inflows of foreign direct investment, which increases the country s external vulnerability, in turn undermining growth. - Business Monitor International Ltd www executive summary

...Sheikh Hasina Wajed was re-elected as Prime Minister in the parliamentary elections held in January ----. Meanwhile, on November - ----, the tribunal also sentenced Mir Quasem Ali, a ---year-old senior leader of Jamaat-e-Islami and one of the party s top financiers, to death. ...animosity Between parties not abating The high degree of hostility between the ruling Awami League party and BNP, including their respective leaders, Sheikh Hasina and Begum Khaleda Zia, will also continue to pose threats to the country s short-term and long-term political stability. In September ----, Bangladesh s parliament approved the legisla- tion reinstating Article --(-) and Section --(-) of the country s constitution to allow the legislature to remove Supreme Court judges through the adoption of a resolution with a two-thirds majority of the parliament, with the accused judges being able to defend themselves. This amendment abolishes the Supreme Judicial Council, headed by the Chief Justice, which was pre- viously authorised to suggest the removal of Supreme Court judges. ...However, the Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Anisul Huq, denied the allegations and insisted that the independence of the judiciary will not be affected. long-term political outlook limited chances of Major improvement

...Khaleda (aged --) are still relatively young, but it is unclear who will eventually succeed them as leaders of the AL and BNP respectively. Both have influential sons, but dynastic successions could alienate reform-minded party members. ...

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