Azerbaijan Telecommunications Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Azerbaijan Telecommunications Report 2016

Azerbaijan Telecommunications Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Azerbaijan Telecommunications Report 2016
Published Oct 22, 2016
41 pages — Published Oct 22, 2016
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For example, MCHT awards spectrum and licences in a haphazard way, foregoing the auction and bidding processes that are common throughout the rest of the region. In February ----, MCHT awarded a -G LTE licence to mobile operator Azerfon (Nar Mobile) having previously allowed Azercell to launch a -G network in May ----. Bakcell introduced -G LTE services to locations within Baku in May ----. While the provision of -G licences and spectrum is a good sign for the market, the way in which it was carried out meant that there was an unequal playing field, with Azercell receiving a three year head start over its rivals. Azerfon and Bakcell built out -G LTE infrastructure in preparation for a commercial launch, but were held back by slow regulatory procedures. ...There have also been reports that Nakhtel, which offers services in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic (NAR), would be permitted to enter Azerbaijan as a fourth player. These rumours were subsequently dismissed by NAR s ICT Ministry and therefore we do not expect a new entrant into the market and for many of the trends to persist into ----/--.

...< ALACRA META ABSTRACT>BMI View: We have made some minor forecast adjustments in our ---- update. The mobile market continued to post positive growth in ----, albeit at a slower pace than in ----. ...The government touts the importance of developing an information society and encouraging telecoms growth but in practice its actions tend to hinder market forces. The recent corruption scandal involving TeliaSonera and the country s political elite does not bode well for the future of the company as it expects to withdraw entirely from the region. This could add further positive momentum to subscriber growth in the country and will accelerate -G/-G uptake.

...The mobile market will grow by -.-- y-o-y in ---- with subscribers reaching -.---mn. We forecast this number to increase to --.---mn by YE--, with the penetration rate reaching ---.-- . ...TeliaSonera has stated that it would reduce its operations in the entire region and plans to exit the regional market totally. The allegations against TeliaSonera have resulted in the operator having to a pay a fine of over USD-.-bn to Dutch and US authorities for illegally acquiring licenses in Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan. TeliaSonera has been accused of conducting unethical business dealings with the family of ...

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