Austria Metals Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports

Austria Metals Report 2016

Austria Metals Report 2016 - Business Monitor International - Industry Reports
Austria Metals Report 2016
Published Oct 24, 2015
22 pages — Published Oct 24, 2015
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BMI View: Austria s still production is forecast to begin growing again from ----, following two years of consecutive contraction. Albeit moderate, the recovery owes to the country s growing reputation as a producer of high-end steel products which has insulated steelmakers such as Voestalpine against the worst of the challenges facing Europe s steel producers. However, the gradual shift of production overseas presents a significant long-term risk to domestic output. Austria s steel sector has not been immune to the market forces that are affecting the wider European steel industry as sluggish economic growth, falling prices and increased Chinese competition force steel makers to scale back capacity. However, as production contracts across the region, as of late ----, the indications were suggesting that Austria s steel industry was faring relatively well in comparison to those of many of its Western European neighbours. ...Continued investment from Voestalpine will allow Austria s steel production to stabilise from ----, despite our estimates of a -.- y-o-y contraction in output in ----. Growth will nevertheless be modest, at less than - a year over the remainder of our forecast period through to ----, by which point we expect total production volumes to have reached -.--mnt (up from -.--mnt in ----.

...< ALACRA META ABSTRACT>BMI View: Though not counted among Europe s largest metals producers, Austria is building a worldwide reputation as a developer of high-end steel products, a development that is helping to insulate local companies from many of the challenges facing European steelmakers.The continued expansion of industry leader Voestalpine should ensure that domestic steel output grows at a steady, albeit marginal, rate over the next few years. ...China s total steel exports grew by more than -- y-o-y during the first eight months of ----, following a -- increase witnessed during the ---- full-year. Meanwhile a growing steel surplus has resulted in downwards pressure on prices on the international market, causing the global average steel price to decline from USD---/tonne in ---- to USD---/tonne in ----. We have witnessed significant volatility in Austrian steel production, with output growing and contracting intermittently in the five years to ----. We estimate total crude steel output to have fallen by -.- in ---- to -.--mn tonnes (mnt). Output fell by - in ----, having grown by -.- the previous year.

...Following this recent volatility, we expect Austria s steel sector to enjoy a steadier period of growth over the next few years, with output forecast to expand by -.- y-o-y in ---- to -.--mnt and to continue growing at a similar pace through to the end of our forecast period in ----. Our relatively bullish outlook reflects the ongoing investment in Austrian steelmaking by industry leader Voestalpine. ...

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