FIN 48 Briefing - Audit Analytics Trend Reports

FIN 48 Briefing

FIN 48 Briefing - Audit Analytics Trend Reports
FIN 48 Briefing
Published Jan 01, 2008
12 pages — Published Jan 01, 2008
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In July 2006, the FASB issued Interpretation No. 48, Accounting for Uncertainty in Income Taxes, an interpretation of FASB statement No. 109 (FIN 48). Under FIN 48, a company may recognize an uncertain tax position only if it is more-likely-than-not. Our analysis reveals that during the first ten months of 2007 almost 25% of the registrants disclosed a material impact due to FIN 48 adoptions. More than 67% of FIN 48 restatements had a negative impact on beginning retained earnings. About 22% had a positive impact. Of the major accounting firms, Deloitte clients comprised the largest number of adoptees, making up 24.7% of all FIN 48 filers and 43% of their own client base.


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