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Vietnam (Socialist Republic of)

Vietnam (Socialist Republic of) - S&P Credit Research
Vietnam (Socialist Republic of)
Published Oct 27, 2010
7235 words — Published Oct 27, 2010
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A low-income economy A risk-laden banking system characterized by a high level of state ownership, rudimentary regulatory regime, and risk management capabilities Evolving macroeconomic policy framework Strong economic growth prospects The sovereign credit ratings on Vietnam reflect the country's low-income economy, developing financial system, and evolving policy framework. These weaknesses increase the vulnerability of the economy to severe shocks that could significantly increase the public financial burden. Healthy economic growth prospects, reinforced by the government's persistent efforts in economic restructuring, partly offset these weaknesses. A modest level of external indebtedness and a favorable debt-servicing profile also support the government's credit quality. The macroeconomic volatility of recent years, amid strong lending growth, has weakened the banking sector's balance sheet. We expect

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RESEARCH Vietnam (Socialist Republic of) Publication date: 27-Oct-2010 Primary Credit Analyst: KimEng Tan, Singapore (65) 6239-6350; Secondary Contact: Agost Benard, Singapore (65) 6239-6347; agost_benard@standardandpoors...

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