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Standard&Poor's Revises Its U.S. Utility Regulatory Assessments

1405 words — Published Dec 28, 2012
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In Standard&Poor's Ratings Services' commentary "Assessing U.S. Utility Regulatory Environments," (originally published Nov. 7, 2007 and most recently republished Nov. 15, 2011 on RatingsDirect), we discussed our views on what constitutes a credit-supportive regulatory climate. We then used those factors to create assessments of the regulatory environments in states that regulate the electric and gas utilities that we rate. We based the assessments of relevant jurisdictions on quantitative and qualitative factors, focusing on four main categories: the basic regulatory paradigm employed in the jurisdiction, ratemaking procedures, political influence, and financial stability. The table and map below show our updated assessments of regulatory jurisdictions. We revised Arizona to "Less Credit-Supportive" from "Least Credit-Supportive" to reflect decreasing regulatory time lags

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RESEARCH Standard & Poor's Revises Its U.S. Utility Regulatory Assessments Publication date: 28-Dec-2012 Primary Credit Analyst: Todd A Shipman, CFA, New York (1) 212-438-1000; Secondary Contacts:...

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