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Sakha (Republic of)

Sakha (Republic of) - S&P Credit Research
Sakha (Republic of)
Published Dec 04, 2012
4108 words — Published Dec 04, 2012
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High investments and ongoing support from the federal government leading to economic and budget revenue growth and a sound budgetary performance. Positive liquidity position thanks to a very gradual debt maturity profile. Low debt burden. Dependence on federal decisions regarding intergovernmental relations, expenditure responsibilities, and tax regimes under a developing and unbalanced system. Economic concentration on commodities and exposure to a single taxpayer. Remote location and severe weather conditions, leading to high operating and capital spending needs and contingent liabilities. The ratings on the Russian Republic of Sakha are constrained by our view of Sakha's dependence on federal government decisions regarding intergovernmental relations, expenditure responsibilities, and tax regimes. Moreover, Sakha relies heavily on the extraction of natural resources, which is

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RESEARCH Sakha (Republic of) Publication date: 04-Dec-2012 Primary Credit Analyst: Alexandra Balod, Moscow (7) 495-783-4096; Secondary Contact: Boris Kopeykin, Moscow (7) 495-783-4062; boris_kopeykin@standardandpoors...

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