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US Retail: Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Beginning to Flex Muscle Online

7 pages (3983 words) — Published Nov 15, 2012
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...+ The internet provides significant opportunities for brick and mortar. Online retailers, particularly, Inc. and Ebay, Inc. (A2 stable), have proven the viability of the internet as a retail channel. But the traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have the ability and will to eventually become powerful players in the markets that the online retailers have largely developed. + Concerns are overblown. Despite headlines predicting the demise of brick-and-mortar retail, especially in consumer electronics, there are many reasons to be skeptical. Internet sales, while growing, still represent a small percentage of total US retail sales, according to the Department of Commerce, which includes the internet operations of the brick- and-mortar retailers themselves. As this seems to suggest, many consumers have not yet made meaningful online purchases, and it is possible that some potentially never will. States are acting to collect taxes from online sales, which will reduce the sales-tax...

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