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US Non-Financial Companies: Cash Pile Still Growing, at $1.48 Trillion

8 pages (3235 words) — Published Sep 29, 2013
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...held $1.48 trillion in cash as of 30 June 2013, up 2% from the previous record of $1.45 trillion at the end of 2012. We project cash levels will approximate $1.5 trillion by year end 2013. + The top 50 holders of cash account for $921 billion, up 4% from $889 billion in 2012 and up 18% from $784 billion in 2011 (see Exhibit 3 for the top 50 holders of cash). Entry to the top 50 list now requires $4.9 billion of cash, up from $2.9 billion in 2006. + The top five cash kings are Apple, Microsoft, Google, Cisco and Pfizer. These companies hold $379 billion, or 26%, of the total non-financial corporate cash balance. This compares with $347 billion, or 24%, in 2012 and $278 billion, or 21%, in 2011. + Apple's $147 billion of cash accounts for 9.9% of total non-financial corporate cash, up from $137 billion, or 9.5%, at December 2012 and $97 billion, or 8%, in 2011. + The technology sector has the largest cash hoard among industries, with $515 billion, or 56%, of the total. Healthcare/pharmaceuticals...

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