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National Commercial Bank

National Commercial Bank - Moody's Global Credit Research
National Commercial Bank
Published May 22, 2016
7 pages (4423 words) — Published May 22, 2016
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...Category Moody's Rating Outlook Stable Bank Deposits A1/P-1 Baseline Credit Assessment baa1 Adjusted Baseline Credit Assessment baa1 Counterparty Risk Assessment A1(cr)/P-1(cr)...

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Credit Opinion

National Commercial Bank
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National Commercial Bank: Update to Credit analysis - Credit Opinion – 2017/09/28 – US$ 250.00 – ...We assign A1/P-1 deposit ratings to National Commercial Bank (NCB). These ratings capture the bank's Baseline Credit Assessment (BCA) of baa1 and three notches of uplift from government support. This uplift reflects our view of a very high likelihood of support for NCB from Saudi Arabia government(A1 stable), if needed. We have also assigned a Counterparty Risk Assessment of A1(cr)/P-1(cr). NCB's baa1 BCA reflects its (1) resilient funding and strong liquidity buffers, underpinned by Saudi Arabia's largest deposit franchise; and (2) overall strong solvency, which includes its capitalisation and profitability. These strengths are moderated by systemic issues of large funding and credit concentrations, combined with sustained asset quality downside risks, in a context of softening operating conditions in both Saudi Arabia and Turkey were NCB also operates....

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