Moody's ResiLandscape - January 28, 2010 - Moody's Global Credit Research

Moody's ResiLandscape - January 28, 2010

Moody's ResiLandscape - January 28, 2010 - Moody's Global Credit Research
Moody's ResiLandscape - January 28, 2010
Published Jan 28, 2010
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...While the cost differential between owning a home and renting, on average, has narrowed since the top of the housing market, owning a home is still slightly more costly than renting. For those borrowers who are currently at risk of defaulting, however, the cost of owning may well exceed the rental cost. Those who took out loans in 2005 through 2007 are likely to be the most under water on their mortgage, yet are saddled with the highest monthly mortgage payments. The prospect of a cheap rental makes it all the easier for such distressed, underwater homeowners to decide to walk away from their mortgages. This dynamic will contribute to the rise in foreclosures that we're expecting. Households consider many factors when choosing between owning and renting a home, such as life style preferences and expected tenure in the home. Relative costs, however, are a major driver in this decision. A household will weigh the net costs of owning a home--mortgage payments, homeowner insurance, maintenance...

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